The Kothe EXCLUSIVE still is top of the line.
Potstill base fully insulated with collection tanks available either in stainless steel
Potstill with pear shaped head of the product line "Whiskey", and a three-way valve that switches for raw and fine burning.
Superaromator (special distillation column) with free adjustable fluid level on distillation plates - flexible adjustment of alcohol content and aroma of distilled mash.
Special distillation column, including a new construction of bubblecaps with increased copper surface and turbulent motion of the liquid Digitally measured important distillation temperature gages.
Double-"Dephlegmator" with precondensation with a two times larger copper surface to further refine the distillation process.
Cooling water collection tank in variable sizes
Exclusive Brochure DownloadExclusive_brochure.pdf
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Insulated steam jacket or waterbath for fast and efficient heat up and all around heating of mash
Fully polished copper (at least hammered strength)
High efficiency stainless condenser
Freely adjustable bell shaped bubblecaps
Double dephlegmator system
Stainless steel tube dephlegmator on Vodka system
High pressure cleaning system
No soldering points anywhere on the system
Inside spirits piping available
Safety devices and steam traps standard


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