The Kothe VODKA still is a unique product specifically designed for the production of high quality Vodka. Twin column 16-plate design. 
Potstill base fully insulated with collection tanks available either in stainless steel
Potstill with pear shaped head of the product line "Whiskey", and a three-way valve that switches for raw and fine burning.
Superaromator (special distillation column) with free adjustable fluid level on distillation plates - flexible adjustment of alcohol content and aroma of distilled mash.
Special distillation column, including a new construction of bubblecaps with increased copper surface and turbulent motion of the liquid Digitally measured important distillation temperature gages.
Double-"Dephlegmator" with precondensation with a two times larger copper surface to further refine the distillation process.
Cooling water collection tank in variable sizes
 Vodka Brochure Download - Vodka_brochure.pdf
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