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KOTHE Germany:
Ulrich Kothe
Ulrich has over 40 years of experience making stills. After working for Jacob Carl for 21 years, he started his own company and since then has become one of the most esteemed manufactures of distilling machinery in the world. Kothe represents the highest quality, due both to the obvious beauty of his work and his patented technological advances, which have received much praise among experts in the field.
Klaus Müllner
Klaus is the technical engineer in charge of designing equipment for the American market. His extensive knowledge of distilling and the technology behind it make him the perfect person for the job. Kothe Distilling Technologies
Kothe Distilling Technologies:
Robert Birnecker
Robert is one of America’s top distilling experts, consultants, and creator of the most unique spirits in America. An Austrian native, Robert grew up helping his grandparents at their award winning distillery and winery and later received a certificate from Austria’s leading university program for distilling technology, Höhere Bundeslehranstalt und Bundesamt für Wein- und Obstbau Klosterneuburg. He also honed his skills working with Europe’s foremost spirit’s expert, Dr. Klaus Hagmann, developing fermentation techniques for craft distilleries. Robert is a key lecturer at Siebel Institutes' distilling courses and teaches over 150 prospective distillers a year in his own workshops. 
Sonat Birnecker Hart
Sonat has PhD from the University of London and a postdoc from the University of Oxford and is responsible for all matters relating to distribution and marketing.
Mark DeSimone
Mark has joined Kothe as a specialist in distilling operations and to assist customers with the selection of equipment for their projects. As a distiller, he has excellent knowledge of how distilleries should be set up for process optimization.