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Kothe offers training that can suite your personal needs, no matter what your skill level. We offer three to five day trainings at distilleries in the United States and in Europe. All training will be conducted with experienced distillers and you will be able to get real hands on experience in mashing, distilling and blending.
2 day trainings are $4500 in the US 
The following modules can be discussed during your individual training that we are going to compile together with you. In the United States, Instruction is provided by factory trained technician, distillers, business consultant with MBA and licensed attorney in the United States.Training will take place in Chicago, IL.
In Europe the consultation is provided by factory trained technicians, distillers and one of Europe's leading experts, a professors of fermentation and distillation and frequent judge in international competitions. Training will take place near Stuttgart, Germany. Other locations may be possible.
Possible Topics Include:
- distillation - mashing - fruit and grain selection - enzyme and yeast selection - alcohol finishing - filtration - business aspects of starting a distillery - legal aspects of starting a distillery - insurance - trademark - federal permits - COLAs and formulation - organic and kosher certification - chemical basics - dephlegmator usage and temperature points - potstill design - distillery floor plan considerations - additional equipment considerations - packaging - distribution